Ideation & Innovation

Turn Your Idea to an Innovation

Using our proprietary frameworks designed specifically for entrepreneurs, we ensure that you consider every minute detail of your business idea in a new light, resulting in a clearly articulated value proposition and a deep understanding of your innovative solution.

Market Validation

 Understand Your Customers

We use a proven market validation process to collect and analyze data directly from potential customers to identify whether your idea is really what your customers want, and if not, how to tweak your solution so it fits what they want and are willing to pay for.

Industry Research

Understand the Market You’re Entering

We are trained and educated on effectively analyzing the forces that affect any industry, and understanding how they can affect business decisions; we can help you find and understand these forces and the competitive landscape that will affect your business.

Strategic Consulting

Step-by-Step Plan for Launching Your Business

Trained by former consultants from some of the world’s largest consulting firms, we utilize similar processes to the ones they use with Fortune 500 companies to help you develop a custom “launch plan”, detailing precisely how to get where you want to be—starting with just the resources you currently have available.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Don’t Run Out of Money

We are experienced and well-educated in financial analysis; we can help you set and test prices for your product/service, ensure you haven’t overlooked any expenses, know exactly how much you’ll need to succeed, and manage your money effectively.


Find the Money You Need

We have written countless business plans and pitch decks, are trained in public speaking and sales, and identifying the right sources of capital for any business opportunity.

Operations Planning & Execution

Maximize Your Efficiency

We can help you manage any project, stay organized between stakeholders, and plan the most effective processes for maximizing your output while minimizing your costs.

Software Design & Development

Build Beautiful Products Quickly

We speak software developer language; from designing software products, writing out specs, and managing developers, we’ll ensure your product is built quickly and accurately.

Data Analytics

Turn Data into Knowledge and Action

Our team is well-versed in data science and can help prepare, model, evaluate, and deploy analytics into a new or existing product or service. Descriptive, predictive, or prescriptive, we understand the various tools and techniques to get your business questions answered.

High-Level Legal Advisory

Navigate Potential Legal Issues

With a licensed lawyer on our team, we can help identify potential legal issues for your business and develop strategies to address these issues; we also partner with a reputable business law firm that can assist with implementing legal strategies, once developed. Their services include, among others: startup formation, transaction structuring, real estate acquisition and development, capital raising and debt finance, government incentives & tax credits, tax structuring, commercial contracting and commercialization partnerships (i.e. joint ventures, licensing arrangements, etc.)

Network Development

Meet the People Who Can Help You Succeed

We can connect you to our extensive network in Northeast Ohio of successful entrepreneurs and executives in a wide array of industries, professors from prominent universities, advisors from startup incubators and accelerators, etc.; whoever you need to meet, we’ll help you make it happen.