Exercise Equipment Startup


Our client invented and patented 4 pieces of technology used to develop an exercise system designed for weightlifting where space is an issue.  The system allows for all common weightlifting exercises (e.g. bench press, squats, shoulder press, etc.) on one machine, which can then be collapsed when finished to take up only 3 feet of space.  This system is ideal for people who want a home gym but either don’t have the space or can’t afford various pieces of equipment.

  • 4 patents protecting their exercise system
  • 3 working prototypes developed, finished designs, and a relationship with a steel fabricator
  • Validation of the appeal of the product from several niche markets, including fire stations and Veterans Affairs
  • SDVOB certification and MBE certification
  • Helped them articulate the value proposition of the product and understand who will buy it and why
  • Helped negotiations with steel fabricator and acquired quotes for various costs
  • Help make the business “procurement-ready” to sell to the government through Veterans Affairs
  • Design a go-to market strategy for selling the product
  • Help get a website and other marketing materials ready for sales
  • Create a financial model for establishing price points and projected profits
  • Create a pro forma business plan with in-depth operations plan and financial projections
  • Assist with fundraising efforts including grants, equity investors, and debt financiers
  • Lead initial sales and establish operating plan for future sales management