Manufacturing Plant Startup


Start a manufacturing plant to process a mineral imported from the Caribbean, and sell it to food manufacturers. Projected sales volume of 50,000+ tons per year once at full capacity.

  • Exclusive access to a concession with enormous quantities of this mineral; the mineral at this concession is naturally purer than many competitors’ minerals are after artificial cleansing
  • Experience importing materials from the Caribbean to the United States
  • A network of people with experience needed to execute a startup project like this
  • Personal capital to help fund the initial expenses needed for startup

In just 8 weeks, we:

  • Helped organize the various parts into a cohesive and organized strategy for launching
  • Helped articulate the value proposition and the opportunity they hoped to pursue
  • Conducted and organized market research to validate the opportunity
  • Created operating models (i.e. Gantt charts) to help flush out the most efficient logistics process
  • Created detailed cost estimates based on verified information and built financial projections
  • Created a managerial financial model to understand the impact of various decisions
  • Wrote a thorough pro forma business plan to ensure every detail was considered and planned
  • Built a pitch deck to be used with banks and investors